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Welcome at Contest Group 1884 website.

We are a group of five radio amateurs who are fortunate to have their own place at FORT BUITENSLUIS.
Fort Buitensluis is a fortress near the small town of Numansdorp in the province of Zuid-holland in The Netherlands. The fortress was built in 1884. As individuals, we al are also member of the VERON department A52 HOEKSCHE WAARD, and three of us are also the board members of this department. So we will be able to operate under one of the club calls most of the time.

Contest Group CG1884 is a completely separate initiative, and has no further connection with the VERON department HOEKSCHE WAARD A52. Members of Contest Group 1884 has to pay a separate memberships fee. We have our own bunker at FORT BUITENSLUIS and it is big enough to have a full multi, multi set-up, with all the conveniences of a big station. There is a separate space for recreation, eating and cooking and a nice facility with toilets, handbasin and even a shower.
At the moment we have antennas for al the contest bands and we are constantly improving the set-up. The location is unique because it is almost completely surrounded by water, and a good distance away from any HF pollution.

Please note: If you want to assist or visit us please let us know, contact us before visiting. The location is not free accessible on all weekends.

New award for one of our Contestgroup members he is number one in the Netherlands!!



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