Foundation Contestgroup 1884




Hi and thanks for your interest in the contest group 1884.

My name is Jan Booden,

Becoming a radio amateur was a long-cherished wish since my early youth. Spending time on my career and family with two daughters the time was scarce to study for a license.
In 2018 I was remembered of this desire and did a self-study for my exam as a radio amateur. Early November I made the exam successfully as a Novice (N-License) and I am in operation under the call sign PD2JCB. Although I have spent my career in the data and telecommunications, the amateur radio hobby opened an entirely new world of experiences. Being a member of the national organization for radio amateurs, the Veron I enjoyed being a member of the local radio club of the Veron, department A52. Following the enthusiasm of some of the members, forming the operating contest Group 1884 at “Fortress Buitensluis” here on our beautiful island,I got their permission to join their small, but enthusiast team. They have welcomed me warmly, and I am excited to join. I am looking forward to work with many stations around the world on the different modes in FM, SSB and digital modes. All thanks to my friends here at Station CG 1884, and their patience in teaching me in the ‘dos and don’ts’ of this beautiful hobby! In November 2019 I obtained my full licence, and in December 2019 I changed my callsign in PA2JCB.

Thanks for your attention! 73, Jan de PA2JCB

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