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Hello DR (X)YL, OM or SWL,

Let me introduce myself : My name is Evert. And I started with the radio hobby a long time ago, I was listening from about 1977. In my military service period from 1979/1980 I started studying for my Novice licence. And I got at the end of 1980 my Novice license with the call sign PD0JAT. Which I have upgraded to the C license in 1987 with the call sign PE1LZF. Finally I learned CW (which is not really my favourite mode) and got my A license in 1991, I like all digital modes and SSB (or FM on 10 meter HI).

About Scouting and my radio hobby I was running the Jota from 1980 until 2021 so 40 years now (2020 no participation with the COVID19 pandemic). And I'm also a Radio Scout Radio Interesse Stam RIS member #129 since 1988.

Regarding the digital modes I'm member #6522 from the the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group BARTG and member #2182 from the European PSK Club EPC. And also member #0530 from the Digital Mode Club DMC, member #052 from the Olivia modes club OMC and member #5808 from the 30 Meter Digital Group. Also radio hobby related I'm collecting old radio's and radio tubes. And I'm the owner of a working mechanical Telex and a Hell machine.

I'm a member of the VERON our Dutch Amateur radio club and I was a chairman of the Vereniging Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland (VERON) department Rotterdam south from 1992 through 1997. And later vice chairman VERON department Hoeksche Waard from 2000 through 2006. And from 2007 through 2015 chairman and Web master VERON department Hoeksche Waard. And from 2000 until now Web master from the VERON department Hoeksche Waard.

Hope to see you soon at my screen or to hear you at the bands.


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