Contestgroup 1884


On the left some contest prices from PI4CG and PI4VHW (Sitting at the table Gerard PD2GSP who is trying Paul PD2PKM's coffee), and on the right some exotic and rare QSL's above our 2,45 GHz XMTR and our coffee machine both on our kitchen corner.

PI4CG is the contest call of the VERON department HOEKSE WAARD (PI4VHW)

On the site of the VERON HOEKSE WAARD are a lot of pictures, and there is information about the activities of the club (all in the Dutch language).

There are also pictures of members / operators and you can find personal calls of operators you met on the air.

Thanks for your interest, and hope to meet you on the bands, or at our club and or our club station.

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